Dr. Dundiff, a highly prolific producer with mile-high stack of tapes and EPs to his name, and Otis Junior, a seasoned rhymer with years of experience in the trenches, have been working together for a good few years now and at the end of this month, October 23, they'll release their latest collaborative project for German outlet Jakarta Records. Before the full thing drops, they're lifting the lid on the project's latest single, "You And Me", a collaboration with Moroccan/Isreali singer J. Lamotta.

"You And Me" is the ideal soundtrack to the onset of autumn, with skittish drum patterns and a jazzy saxophone melody bubbling away beneath Lamotta's soulful vocals and Otis Junior's laid-back rhymes. Hazy and soothing, with just an edge of melancholy, "You And Me" is a tantalising primer for a release from a duo who's appreciation and knowledge of music history is peerless.

"You And Me" drops October 9 followed by the Rising With It EP, which drops digitally on October 23 with a vinyl release limited to 300 copies.

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