Jay-Z told us that for the right price a ghostwriter could make anything sound tighter. Now, Lil Yachty has become the living embodiment of this bar as he claims his writing skills secured him a massive bag. 

It's become common knowledge that Lil Yachty wrote one of the City Girls' breakout singles, "Act Up." Instead of applauding the rapper for his versatility, one fan decided to troll Yachty for his hand in making a hit record. This moved the rapper to floss on the "civilian" by explaining how fruitful the song has been.

"That was an eight-figure check and it's still coming—I'm sorry. 7," Lil Yachty said while getting his hair braided on Live. "Let me talk to whoever that civilian was on the last insert. These niggas be so closed-minded, right? And these niggas ain't never seen no real money, right?"

In April 2019, Yachty revealed that he wrote the song for his fellow QC labelmates. Yachty explained to Kerwin Frost that producer, EarlThePearl, played the beat for him and told him to create something for the City Girls.

"[People] said 'he might have said one thing in the studio and they credit him.' I wrote the whole song, except J.T.'s last verse," Yachty said to Frost. "I know them personally, and I know what women like to hear. What's some like, raunchy shit? I just started saying it, and before I went in the booth I said 'no homo, y'all' because all my boys was in the room."

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