Future lends a helping hand to up and coming Georgia rapper Pap Chanel by hopping on her new single, "Gucci Bucket Hat."

The track featuring Pluto and Heroin Young dropped on Tuesday and is laced with the drug-induced flows that turned Future into a household name.

"Serving Fentanyl, I ain't going back," Future spits. "Got my bands up, they gonna pay someone to hurt you/Getting rich was my virtue/Maybach, fishbowl, creep in it like a turtle."

Pap Chanel has been sitting on this single for a while. In fact, anticipation for the track started to grow when Future previewed the chorus on social media long before it hit streaming services. Not only were fans intrigued by the record, but they also found it hilarious that Future was previewing a song called "Gucci Bucket Hat" while wearing a Goyard bucket. 

"Gucci Bucket Hat" follows the release of Pap Chanel's debut seven-song EP, Pretty and Paid. Stream Pap Chanel's new single, "Gucci Bucket Hat," featuring Future and Heroin Young below.