For the past three or four years, Parisian musician, producer and composer Helmaud has been bringing together his love of classic hip-hop with his background as an accomplished jazz musician to create music that's equal parts soulful and energetic. His most recent endeavour, the Prodddiction Tape, arrived just four months ago but he's already back with his new single, "Hey Boi!" Teaming up with singer Dixie, the pair have put together an uptempo jam that champions her self-worth, using a bold message of empowerment to rebuke any attempts to diminish her.

Speaking of the single, Helmaud tells us, "On 'Hey Boi!' half of the vocals have been recorded after midnight and on an average of three-four bottles of wine and two grams of weed, and an empty wine bottle was used as the support for the mic. Starting around 11pm with this 2000s-era Dr. Dre piano riff, the whole song was bounced in four-five hours tops."

"Hey Boi!" officially arrives September 30 via JS Records.