While fans are patiently awaiting the follow up to Championships, Meek Mill decided to do some lyrical exercise just to show them he's still in shape. 

Meek is one of rap's premier artists. As a result, he has access to some of the best beats from the most elite producers. But on Monday, the rapper typed in "Meek Mill type beats" on YouTube and filmed himself lacing one for his latest Instagram post (below), which subsequently got an official YouTube edition titled "'Meek Mill Type Beat' Freestyle" (above).

Like many of his songs, Meek recounts his trials and tribulations with crystal clarity, rapping, "I gotta keep my FN on me every day now/'Cause I don't trust the n***as I grew up with at the playground. ... They said they gon' see me on the way down, when I'm really on the way up/I seen them, told them 'stay up' 'cause I'm way up/Quick to make a milli like a lay-up/If they asking who the livest in this shit, I bet they say us."

Since making his triumphant return in 2018, Meek Mill has been putting some of his focus on areas outside music. The rapper has secured several business ventures as well as made a point to push for justice reform. He also expanded his family, welcoming another child into the world. Now it seems like the rapper may be ready to post up in the booth, with this freestyle proving he hasn't lost his footing.