Kehlani, who released the undeniably excellent It Was Good Until It Wasn't back in May, is being forced to reassess her approach to social media after a "stan account" stupidly decided to leak the artist's personal address. 

In a since-removed tweet from Sunday, Kehlani informed fans she was now fast-tracking her move due to the incident.

"Super not cool," she told fans. "Taking a major space from my supporters. Don't ask why I will no longer be so responsive or will be MIA from interaction … It's a wrap."

In reaction to Kehlani's announcement, which has spread via screenshots since its original sharing over the weekend, fans have called out the reckless endangerment at the heart of so-called "stan behavior" of this nature. Some have even more extreme recent examples, including the home invader who told Eminem he was there to inflict physical harm on him.

Put another way, fuck that type of so-called "fan."

Following the release of the aforementioned gem It Was Good Until It Wasn't, Kehlani has appeared on a selective number of additional projects, including collabs with Teyana Taylor and Disclosure. And back in August, Kehlani further explained her wholly understandable reasoning behind removing Tory Lanez from the track "Can I" on the deluxe edition of It Was Good Until It Wasn't.

"This situation was involving someone that I [am] extremely close to, so I just felt like on some loyal shit, and on some do the right thing, you have to be responsible," she said during an interview that month with Chicago's WGCI. "Absolutely I'm changing up the record."