Like many of you, Frank Ocean wasn't impressed by Tuesday night's presidential debate.

Toward the end of the event, the singer-songwriter took to Instagram to share a few thoughts on Donald Trump and Joe Biden's much-anticipated face-off. Frank posted an Instagram story that suggested he was bored with the unusual situation, but stressed the importance of getting Trump out of the White House.

"It all feels fake. The problem's that it's not," he wrote. "Donald is president and might not leave the White House even if he loses the race, so some say. Pls vote. Watching him dragged out will be way more entertaining than these debates."

Frank IG

Frank included a link to the official Blonded page, which was recently updated with voting resources. There's a voter registration form, a link to check registration status, a early voting calendar, as well as link to request a mail-in ballot.

Chance the Rapper also weighed in on the first 2020 presidential debate; he accused the president of virtue signaling and using racist dog whistles, and then urged his followers to vote the "openly racist white supremacist" out of the White House.

Other celebrities also tuned in to the first of three 2020 presidential debates. Their reactions ranged from disgust to alarmed to downright pissed. You can read some of their tweets below.