With the exception of Tony Yayo, G-Unit leader 50 Cent has kicked every member out of the group at some point or other. Now it would appear as though 50 Cent is done with G-Unit altogether, telling DJ Whoo Kid this week that he isn't eager to tell the story of the group in a film or TV series.

"I don't care to do that," Fif told Whoo Kid when asked at the 26:40 mark above if he was interested in some sort of G-Unit biopic in the future. "I'd like to forget the G-Unit."

Perplexed by 50's response, Whoo Kid pressured the rapper and entrepreneur to explain himself further. "Kendrick [Lamar] doesn't even let those boys come on stage with him," Fif added, possibly referring to either to Black Hippy or TDE. "I could have did that! What the f*ck I'm bringing 30 n***as onstage for? I could have did it like Kendrick."

It's unclear what lead 50 Cent to never want to tell the story of G-Unit, but he's not been on great terms with most of the former members for quite some time. Lloyd Banks, who was a founder along with 50 and Yayo, departed the group and label in 2018 shortly after Kidd Kidd did. Young Buck and 50 have been beefing for the past few years now, and the Game hasn't even been associated with G-Unit since 2005. It would appear Fif is ready to move on to other projects, and isn't much interested in revisiting the past.

Watch the full interview between Whoo Kid and 50 Cent above.