Carolina rap star DaBaby is one of a kind in every sense of the word, including in the face department, which he didn't hesitate to let one fan know on Twitter. 

Twitter user Chicko Santana thought that he bore a resemblance to the Carolina rapper, tweeting a photo of himself with, "apparently i look like @DaBabyDaBaby what yall think ?" 

DaBaby disagreed, however, and responded saying, "Boy hell nah. i fuck witcha tho." Still a pretty positive reaction, given the circumstances.

Prior to this, DaBaby was getting some flak on social media after he endorsed Kanye West's presidential run. Ye had referenced DaBaby's patented "lets gooo" adlib during one of his Twitter tirades as well.

Earler, DaBaby tweeted his support for West's supposed presidential run this election season by saying that he had his vote. Many would criticize him for this tweet, saying that encouraging Kanye West to continue running for president is not only detrimental to the election, but to West as well. 

Politics aside, however, check out some of the hilarious reactions people had about DaBaby's self-proclaimed ldoppelganger down below.