Less than three hours after defeating the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference play-in Game, Damian Lillard released a surprise EP titled "Live From the Bubble" on SoundCloud. 

"Live From the Bubble," a reference to the "bubble" inside Orlando's Walt Disney World where 22 NBA teams have been housed in an effort to complete the 2020 season and playoffs, features three songs: "I'm Him," "They Know," and "No Punches." 

ESPN highlighted how Lillard has converted a section of his suite in the bubble into a small recording studio outfitted with a microphone on a stand, headphones, and a laptop with recording software and audio interface.

"I saw people saying that there would be complaints of him recording music, but I don't have any speakers. Everything is in the headphone speakers," Lillard said. "I'm rapping out loud, but not screaming to the top of my lungs. Nobody is going to hear me rapping."

Lillard clearly hasn’t lost focus on what he set out to accomplish while inside the bubble. The Portland Trail Blazers star point guard was unanimously voted the Most Valuable Player of the remaining seeding games in the NBA restart after averaging 37.6 points per game over the eight-game span. The Trail Blazers went 6-2 and managed to leapfrog over the Grizzlies to secure the No. 8 seed, forcing Memphis to win two straight games to take the last spot in the Western Conference from them, wich um, didn't happen.

Listen to "Live From the Bubble" below.