Pop Smoke's team isn't wasting any time.

Just two weeks after we received the rapper's first posthumous album, Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon, Rap Caviar shared a teaser for the project's fast-approaching deluxe version. The video is soundtracked by "The Woo" and includes clips of Pop Smoke in the studio and performing on stage. The teaser ends with the July 20 release date and the Spotify logo, suggesting it'll be an exclusive.

"Pop Smoke’s deluxe album with 15 new tracks," the post was captioned. "Who you wanna see featured?"

The late rapper's former manager, Steven Victor, reshared the teaser in an Instagram story, suggesting the Monday release date was set. He also teased the much-anticipated project on Thursday, when he called on 50 to approve "The Woo" video and a remix for the deluxe version.

Fif responded shortly after, claiming he was waiting on Gucci Mane's guest verse. "The deluxe is coming stop rushing," he wrote. "... Gwuapo🤷🏽‍♂️where TF is the verse.😠I will leave your ass off the project let’s work get it done."

Stay tuned here as more information about the deluxe project becomes available.