Noname has become a voice in the darkness that people are following during this difficult time in American history. Despite giving thoughtful responses to certain situations, the rapper wants to make it clear that she's no one's leader. 

In a now-deleted tweet, Noname told her followers that they shouldn't look to her just because J. Cole crowned her a "leader in these times."

"if cole brought you here because 'she’s a leader in these times' unfollow me," she wrote. "i’m not a fucking leader."

The current state of America has moved Noname to take to social media and speak out against what she's seeing. Although she has a bigger platform than most, she knows that she's not formally trained to take on such responsibility. Instead, she's just expanding her knowledge and trying to actively promote change. 

"i’m not a fucking leader. im a confused nigga reading difficult books trying to understand this shit like everyone else," she continued."i tweet recklessly and smoke reggie. im nobodies leader"

J. Cole bestowed this title on Noname during their recent public discourse. This exchange was sparked by a tweet from Noname in which she pointed out that rappers who built their discographies on the Black plight weren't speaking up enough. In his "Snow on tha Bluff" single, Cole appears to address her sentiment.

Like Noname's recent tweet, Cole explains that he's not the leader people should be looking to during this time because he doesn't have the answers. But, the timing and direction of the song made it appear to some fans that we was referring to her. This prompted her to respond with "Song 33." Noname has since apologized for engaging because she felt like the back-and-forth distracted people from the real issues.