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Problem tapped Snoop Dogg and Freddie Gibbs to form an all-star trio for the remix of his latest single, "Don't Be Mad At Me."

If this connection was The Big Three, then Freddie Gibbs is LeBron James. The Gary Gangster attacked this simple but enticing instrumental with a flurry of bars that put an interesting twist on the song's theme.

"I like to fuck her while she mad at/She throw a fit then throw that ass at me," Gibbs begins. "Dickies, no designer clothes/They should put me in the PGA, I play a lot of holes/Tiger Gibbs, I hit a Spanish bitch out of Italian Vogue." 

While Gibbs flipped the theme to fit his brand, Snoop Dogg came more direct with a verse that coincides perfectly with the chorus. 

"I'm tired of saying sorry for the same shit/Damn near lost my queen fucking around with that lame bitch," Snoop raps. "Ashamed of myself because I shamed you/Good or bad, right or wrong we always bang through. ... No cap, I ain't shit without you/And I put that on my momma, I'd die for you baby boo."

Although the verses complimented the song, Problem was aware that this isn't a song that Snoop and Freddie would normally make. As a result, he was "excited" to see them make the track their own.

"Freddie has been my dawg since we first started. He was on Mollywood 1 & 3. Snoop is a king. Any time he grants me with his presence, I honor it. I appreciate what these two bring to the game. And it was fun taking them out of their element," he explained in a statement.

The original single appeared on Problem's mixtape, Coffee & Kush Vol 1. Listen to the full remix above, and check out the accompanying video below.