Lido has released the official video for "Rise," the latest single off his long-awaited studio album, PEDER.

"The song is about meeting someone and being so infatuated with them that they almost seem too good to be true," he told Complex. "That feeling of wanting to stay up all night and learn as much about the person as you can."

Similar to the visuals for "How to Do Nothing" and "Postclubridehomemusic," the "Rise" video has a clear traveling theme, as it finds Lido exploring a desert planet with nothing more than a few musical instruments. Lido explained that the travel theme was intentional and a nod to a literary classic that helped inspire PEDER.

"I want everything I make to be able to be its own thing, but for those who really care, there's always an extra layer to explore," he said. "The traveling is a reference to The Little Prince, which has been a huge inspiration for the concept behind the album."

You can watch the "Rise" video above and pre-order PEDER here.

Since announcing PEDER's completion in August 2019, Lido has made a number of tweaks to the project; but he insists the overall vibe hasn't changed.

"I added some pieces and spent some time with Tony Maserati getting the mix on the album right, but mostly the vision has stayed the same," he explained. "Most of my time since then has been focused around creating additional musical projects that compliments the album and the experience around it."

The project is expected to drop in the upcoming months, about four years after Lido shared his debut album, Everything. Since then, the artist has come through with a number of notable releases, including Life of Peder and KidsLoveGhosts, reimaginings of Life of Pablo by Kanye West and Kids See Ghosts by West and Kid Cudi. Lido told Complex he doesn't have any plans to rework another Kanye album, but he's open to the possibility.

"I'm not planning on making another one," he said. "but if I get inspired to do something I always do it."