On Sunday, seemingly out of nowhere, ESPN's social team lobbed a bomb Ja Rule's way by recalling the nearly year-and-a-half old memory of the rapper asking a Milwaukee Bucks crowd at halftime if they were "reaadddyyy???!" for his performance. Their silent response appeared to indicate that their answer was "no."

It's a funny clip—if you're not Ja Rule—but again, ESPN's tweet kind of came out of nowhere. As it was, they told their followers to "never forget" the moment, and then punctuated it with a crying-while-laughing emoji:

Now, thanks to the same internet that prevents embarrassing moments from ever dying, Ja Rule issued a five-tweet (at the moment) response that labeled ESPN's conduct as "unprofessional," while alleging that they were trying to "discredit" him. He also called for whoever's responsible to be fired, and continued by saying the issue during the halftime in question was technical in nature. Finally, he threw in some emojis of his own (sideways crying and clown), and accused them of slander and defamation.

Read everything he's had to say thus far and then, if he adds more, we'll update:

Strange times we live in. 

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