As promised, J. Cole has gifted fans with two midweek releases.  

On Wednesday night, the Dreamville rapper shared "The Climb Back" and "Lion King on Ice," the first singles off his long-awaited sixth studio album The Fall Off. Cole is calling the two-song pack Lewis Street. "I’m sending a warning, a problem with me is like the BET Hip Hop Awards, I’m starting to see you/N***as don’t want it/I’m sick of this flauntin', from n***as I know for sho ain’t got mo dough than Cole," he raps on "The Climb Back." He continues, "Trash rappers Ass backwards tryna go toe-to-toe/We laugh at ya, staff strapped up on top the totem pole/To blast at ya."

Cole announced the releases earlier this week on social media, and provided a quick update on his forthcoming LP.

"No date for the album yet, taking my time, still finishing," he captioned the project's cover art.

Cole also noted that he handled the production for "The Climb Back" and co-produced "Lion King on Ice" with T-Minus and Jetsonmade, who described the latter track as something "different."

Fans have been waiting for Cole's sixth studio album since he dropped 2018's KOD album. The project's closing track, "1985," was subtitled "Intro to 'The Fall Off,'" suggesting his next full-length release would pick up where KOD left off. Cole confirmed The Fall Off's 2020 release during a November 2019 concert, when he presented a satirical political ad.

"It seems like shit is all fucked up. The country needs a hero to turn to in these turbulent times. Jermaine Cole is that hero," the narrator said in the teaser. "A man whose humility knows no bounds. A man whose pen is so potent, each word of his verses reportedly cost $2,000. We need someone with big ideas and bold solutions. An expert in diplomacy. A candidate that can heal the inter-generational war. Make your voice heard. Vote The Fall Off for 2020."

While we wait for more information about The Fall Off, you can stream "The Climb Back" and "Lion King on Ice" now via Apple Music, YouTube, or on Spotify.