Rising Mobile, Alabama rapper Flo Milli is set to make a splash with her debut RCA Records EP, Ho, Why Is You Here? With no credited vocal features, the new project puts a spotlight on her rapping and songwriting abilities, with distinctively southern production bolstering her style.

"This project is introducing a revamped newer me," Flo explained of the new release. "A newer version of myself that I’m still discovering. This phase of me comes with an ego and an attitude. This is setting the tone for what I have to come in the future, I want everyone to feel the energy I’m coming with." Ho, Why Is You Here? also features the singles "Like That Bitch," "Send the Addy," and "Not Friendly."

To coincide with the release of the EP, Flo has also shared a new video for the previously released track "Weak." Directed by Sara Lacombe, the video follows Flo as she's surrounded by cash and men casually laundering money. The 20-year-old rapper makes the most of the video, performing on top of a car and fans herself with stacks of cash.

Watch the video for "Weak" and listen to Ho, Why is You Here? above.