DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas run a two-man game on their latest single and video, "No Dribble." 

For this single DaBaby and Stunna attack a bass-heavy instrumental with their now-trademarked flows. And seeing as they're from a state known for its basketball pedigree, it is only right they pair create an analogy between hooping and potentially felonious activity. 

"I'mma shoot at a n***a, no dribble/I pull up with 200 bow in my rental," DaBaby raps on the chorus. "She like to talk when she fuck, she a freak/She got a little bit of ass and it jiggle."

The basketball references don't end there. Throughout the video, DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas are either driving a car stuffed full of weed or are dribbling a basketball while DaBaby wears a headband and Grant Hill jersey. 

Stunna 4 Vegas takes a more aggressive approach with his bars, letting it be known that he's willing to "swing a stick like Wayne Gretzky" if necessary. "If I want him touched, then I put a ton on his mental," Stunna raps. "We fill him with lead, he's a pencil/Fold that fuck n***a up like a pretzel."

Watch the video for DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas' "No Dribble" up top.