Abra Cadabra is back with all the smoke on his new single, "On Deck". 

Hitting RA$H & Rxckson's menacing production with his deep-voiced, haunting flow, the North London rapper calls out all those who pretend to live the life he does in what is easily one of his best tracks to date. 

But it hasn't come without controversy.

People seem to think that Abra is sending for Edmonton rapper Tion Wayne, due to the fact that he references his "I Dunno" bars in a verse that isn't the most friendly: 

If we touch your watch, who you gon' get dead? (No one)
Shut up your mouth you gem (Pussy)
Like, five of them boy been cheffed and all now, nothin' round 'ere been dead
So when you ask 'bout the 9, I dunno, I dunno
Do they really want war? I dunno, I dunno
Have they really got guns? I dunno, I dunno
Are they really doin' slaps? I dunno
I got drills from the 22, bun up the 9 'cause the tings from the 9 aren't really my type

The Suave-directed visuals see Abra Cadabra posted up on his Tottenham block with his friends as they turn up to "On Deck" in the midst of fast cars and smoke—which is what he's presumably on right here. 

Watch above and stream Abra's On Deck EP below.