Louisville rapper 2KBABY has just revealed the lighthearted and creative visuals for his song "Old Soul" featuring G Herbo. The track is off of his debut EP Pregame Rituals that dropped back in April.

2KBABY and Herb are having fun in the music video for this one, with both young rappers dressed in their best "Uncle Drew"-type old man makeup and rapping about how they're wise beyond their years. Funny enough, G Herbo actually teased the concept for this music video back in May when he posted a video of himself on Instagram looking very convincingly like an old man.

The visuals for “Old Soul” also comes on the heels of 2KBABY dropping a music video for his track “Half A Milli” featuring YFN Lucci, which was also on his previous EP. The young Kentucky rapper only continues to ride the momentum he's been able to create this year. When talking about his music and sound, 2KBABY previously told Complex that he always tries to be genuine and authentic.

"I be trying to make my music so that anybody from any walk of life can feel that shit," he said. "Not just street n****s. I'm a street n***a, I don't have to prove that shit to nobody. That shit don't got to be proven, it's already there. I've got that. What else can I do? I'm trying to expand. I'm more than a street n***a. I'm trying to be bigger than that. I don't even like calling myself a street n***a. That's labeling yourself. I'm a grown ass man at the end of the day."

You can watch the music video for 2KBABY's song "Old Soul" featuring G Herbo up top.