You've seen the constant commentary from those who apparently consider mere property damage to luxury shops a more pressing issue than the push for basic human rights. Such commentary is unconscionably incessant among some circles, not to mention wildly irrelevant during an era in U.S. history none of us should soon forget.

Thankfully, several business owners around the country have stepped up with messages of support for those protesting in the wake of George Floyd's murder, specifically noting that the fight for justice indeed reigns supreme over the fuckery of those still crying about buildings or whatever.

One such business owner is Tyler, the Creator, whose shop on Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles saw some damage in recent days as protests continue nationwide.

In a comment on the @golfwang IG post shown below, Tyler's team noted that the store was "fine," though—even if that wasn't the case—there are far more important things worth one's energy.

"This is bigger than getting some glass fixed and buffing spray paint off," reads the comment. "Understand what really needs to be fixed out here."

Image via Instagram

There are a variety of organizations in need of assistance as protesters continue to be jailed across the country. Make a donation—if possible—to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, Reclaim the Block, and/or the justice-minded organization of your choice.