Hot on the heels of April's "Sugar Zaddy", sharp-tongued UK rapper Nadia Rose is back with her next release on her nascent Qwerky Entertainment label: "Too Bad".  

Fittingly, for a track about her exes not being able to handle her changing moods and capricious nature, "Too Bad" shows a few different sides to Rose. The quick-witted, tongue-in-cheek bars that endeared her to us in the first place are still as slick as ever, but we also get a softer, more melodic tone on the hook. 

Filmed at home in the lockdown by Pacman TV, as is increasingly the case these days, "Too Bad" captures shots of Rose and her boyfriend making the most of isolation and each other. "Creating a home quarantine video with my boo was so much fun," she told us via email. "Super organic, authentic and relatable! Too bad you couldn't be there." 

Nadia Rose's exes may not have been up to scratch, but at least she's found someone who can keep up with her.