West London rapper Knucks has been on an almighty run since day one. Even when he dropped 2014's Killmatic in his teens, he was by no means new to writing and rhyming, having started at just 12 years old. All these years later and he's practically a veteran, but he's by no means resting on his laurels. Ahead of a new EP (due out later this year), today he presents his new single, the world-weary "Fxcked Up" with good friend and creative ally Sam Wise.

Sometimes I feel to run away, pack my bags, they tell us on the hook, instantly summing up the base-level anxiety that dwells in the pit of all our stomachs. Backed by a bumping instrumental that Knucks produced himself, the two wordsmiths from opposite ends of the capital use their uniquely distinctive flows to run through the countless stresses that weigh us all down, from fake friends to politics to the pressures that come with success. Camped out in their plush, loft-style apartment, the Ray Fiasco and JC. Fry visuals catch the pair growing tired of it all and ultimately doing what we all wish we could — hop in an expensive car and leave the world behind.

Watch the "Fxcked Up" visuals exclusively above and be sure to add the song to your playlists.