With the pandemic still surging across the planet and hitting pause on any sort of live events, the industry's had to get creative in the way they reach us music fans. That includes everyone from DJs on Instagram Live to promoters organising virtual events in online spaces, the latest of which is Move The Record, a new series of live broadcasts offering a helping hand to local record stores around the world.

The first edition will take place across Friday July 3 and Saturday July 4 consisting of 2 x 12-hour streaming broadcasts from stores around the world — from San Francisco to Buenos Aires to Oslo — featuring residents and special guests. So far, the confirmed stores getting involved include Phonica (London), KMA60 (Berlin), Halcyon x ReSolute (New York), RS94109 (San Francisco), Carpet & Snares (Lisbon), with DJs including Dana Ruh, Steffi, Fred P, O.BEE, Bradley Zero, Lefto, Franco Cinelli, Jorge Caiado, Josh Cheon and more.

There'll also be a discount of up to 20% in place across all the involved spots throughout the 48 hours, as well as bonus giveaways and offers at each one. 

On top of that, there'll be a sweepstakes that will give viewers the chance to win vinyl, hardware, studio sessions, production courses, and merchandise from brands like Ortofon, Ableton, Factory Berlin, Native Instruments, Point Blank Music School, R&S, Pressure Traxx, Warner Music and more. 100% of proceeds will be distributed among the participating stores.

Head here for more info on timing, line-ups and prizes. You can donate directly here.