According to TMZ, Lil Yachty smashed up his Ferrari after getting into a car wreck on an Atlanta freeway. Time to cue up that cartoon general.

On the bright side, considering the multiple types of morbid outcomes that could result from combining rain, a freeway, and a Ferrari, things went relatively well, as Yachty was able to walk away with "only minor injuries to his arm." 

The no doubt terrifying episode happened on Monday as the rapper drove through heavy rainfall down his home state's Route 400. Citing "our sources" TMZ claims the road had a lot of standing water at the time, leading to the expensive sports car hydroplaning prior to smashing into a barrier on the freeway's shoulder. 

Here's a look at the resulting damage, plus a bonus look at what conditions were like when this all happened:

Emergency crews ended up making their way to the scene. It's not yet clear if Yachty went to the hospital for any sort of treatment, but he did walk away from the wreck on his own legs. Consider that a small win. As for the vehicle, well, that didn't fare as well. TMZ reports it was totaled.

Better the car than the guy but, yeesh, that was a nice car.