Kodak Black has reportedly just had several of the weapons charges placed against him in Florida dismissed, according to The Blast.

On Friday afternoon, the Florida rapper had both felony charges of "possession of a firearm by a prohibited person" dismissed after his lawyer and the Florida State Attorney were able to work out a deal to have Kodak enter court-ordered drug treatment.

When discussing with the State Attorney about the dismissals, Kodak's lawyer Bradford Cohen said"At the end of the conversation, they were concerned that he couldn't get into the court-ordered drug treatment with an open case and a max security prison." He continued, "They agreed that the fair thing to do was to dismiss the case, so he can attend drug treatment and a lower security prison."

Kodak is currently serving a three-year-and-10-month sentence and has been in prison since November of 2019. Throughout his time behind bars, he's claimed that there is a "big conspiracy" against him. 

Despite being in prison—recently transferring to another one back in April—Kodak has still been active on social media, announcing that he planned to release an album at one point, as well as voicing his anger at the death of George Floyd and even offering to help in the fight for Black lives despite being in prison.