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Justin Bieber has filed a lawsuit against the two women who identified themselves as Danielle and Kadi, and accused him of sexual assault, TMZ has learned

After addressing the allegations made by Danielle in a series of tweets on Sunday, Bieber vowed to take legal action over her "factually impossible" accusations. 

In his suit, Bieber claims to have "indisputable documentary evidence" that prove their claims are nothing but "outrageous, fabricated lies." When the 26-year-old singer took to Twitter to dispute Danielle's account of what happened on March 9, 2014 in Austin, Texas, he presented a slew of documents, which ranged from emails with Airbnb hosts to booking reservation receipts to tabloid sites that featured quotes from insiders who detailed his whereabouts.

While Bieber didn't take these same measures to disprove Kadi's accusation, he explained in his suit that she's a superfan who has waited for him outside of his hotel. Bieber points to a tweet she posted after the alleged date she was sexually assaulted, which backs up his side of the story that the two have never met.

While she was correct that he attended the Met Gala on May 5, 2015, Bieber said that he attended an afterparty where he stayed until almost 4 a.m. He claims to have photographic evidence and several witnesses that will prove his innocence. 

Bieber believes these two accusations could have come from two social media accounts which are run by the same person, or a coordinated attempt to ruin his reputation. He's seeking more than $20 million in damages.