On Thursday, one of the main faces of G-Unit, Young Buck, was released from prison. He was serving four months behind bars for child support warrants. Upon his release, he hopped on Instagram Live with Three 6 Mafia founder DJ Paul to talk about how his life is, what he was doing in prison, and his longstanding feud with former labelmate 50 Cent

Buck talked about how 50 continuously hounded him for the money 50 claimed Buck owed him before he was locked up, and how he had to file for bankruptcy in 2010 in order to attempt to repay it.

"Homie claimed that I had owed him and shit, all of that bullshit," Buck explained about the money 50 claimed he owed him through prior contractual disputes. "I know I don't owe n***a but even me at a point of time, Paul, I got to the place where I was like, you know what, I just want to get the work, fuck it, I'll pay him. So I even got to a point where I even tried to pay the n***a."

Buck said 50 Cent was asking for $300,000, and that he paid him back with $150,000 at first, then the rest over the next 30 days—but 50 apparently kept increasing the debt.

Buck went on to explain that he put his pride to the side and filed for bankruptcy partially to get out of his G-Unit deal, and also to prove that he should be debt free.

"I done filed bankruptcy before in my career, I'll do it again," Buck said. "I didn't file no bankruptcy, technically, to get out the contract. I filed the bankruptcy to be like 'Look, if I owe you n***a, show me what I owe you.'"

Prior to this, 50 Cent and Young Buck also brought their back-and-forth to the rap stage, with Buck releasing "The Story of Foofy" last summer and 50 retorting with various troll posts on Instagram.

You can watch some of DJ Paul's Live with Young Buck down below.