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Young Buck and 50 Cent's long-standing beef reached the point of diss tracks once again last week. The two have traded subliminal and even direct disses before, but following months of transphobic attacks from 50 Cent, Buck dropped "Foofy Freestyle," in which he claimed he ghostwrote a number of songs for Fif. Now, he's taken more shots at the G-Unit rapper with "The Story of Foofy." 

"Foofy Freestyle" made use of the instrumental for Drake's Pusha-T diss "Duppy Freestyle," but Buck's latest sees him going over JAY-Z's "The Story of O.J.," which Pusha-T later used for his incendiary response track "The Story of Adidon." The breaking point for Buck came shortly after 50 Cent claimed he paid the former G-Unit member's back taxes. In the following weeks, a video of a guy confronting Buck at a grocery store surfaced online, in which he claimed he owed money to Fifty.

On the newly released diss, Buck raps, "Tour bus full of choppas, you open up the doors / Looking at me like 'Damn Buck, this shit is yours? / I'm looking at you like 'Damn Foofy this shit is war.'" The song also features a reference to another former G-Unit member, Kidd Kidd. "OK, let’s make them think they owe me when I’m really lonely / My story phony, man, come and think they really miss my homies / This is what you did to Kidd Kidd / This for my n***a Crippy while he doing his bid."

It's clear that Buck means business with the song, but it's unlikely that 50 Cent will respond anytime soon. Instead, he'll probably just say that Buck owes him even more money, which is what he seems most comfortable doing these days. Besides, Buck makes the claim in the song that 50 has blocked him.