YG makes his return with his latest single, "Laugh Now Kry Later," which also happens to have a music video.

"This song is the title track from my upcoming album Laugh Now Kry Later. There’s more heat coming when we’re back outside again, but wanted to give my fans something to vibe to while we’re all inside," YG said of the release. "Stay home, stay safe, and stay dangerous.

YG announced the new single via an Instagram post on Wednesday. Then a clip surfaced showing him previewing the track. 

"Feels like I'm always going through the storm/I got beef with Mother Nature," YG raps. "Gone have little fun, Gone do it major/Gone pour a double shot, be a shot taker/Gone live a little bit before life take ya, Laugh now cry later do yourself a favor." 

"Laugh Now Kry Later" comes after YG announced in February that his 4Hunnid label had partnered with Epic Records

"Me and my team have been doing innovative, legendary stuff for years—helping keep the West Coast alive," YG said in a statement to Variety. "Now, Epic comes through at the best possible time with a platform for our expansion. I'm proud of this opportunity and will make the most of it."

Epic will handle the release, distribution, and marketing of new music for 4Hunnid. YG also kept himself busy by celebrating the life of his late friend, Nipsey Hussle, on the day of the rapper's death. 

Stream the track below.