SZA and Lizzo got together to guide a virtual meditation session on Instagram Live.

The pair led fans through the 45-minute retreat, directing the conversation on self-care. SZA touched on the use of drugs and other substances during quarantine and the toll they can take on the body’s immunity.

“All these drugs... like liquor, weed, all these things, they lower your immune system,” she said. “It fucks with your ability to fight things off. Tobacco—I used to smoke spliffs all the time, I used to smoke Backwoods all the time. I stopped that shit. Why? It was bodying my ability to heal and, like, correct myself, and taking me 10 steps back every time I would make five steps forward.”

The two then began the sound healing portion of their session, with SZA playing a Tibetan singing bowl and Lizzo playing the flute—though not Sasha Flute.

After the two took a break, Lizzo addressed how she’s dealing with quarantine and her relationship to social media.

“For me, this is a whole dimension—social media, the internet—it’s a whole other world,” she said. “And for me, it’s not the healthiest world to be in, especially as of late. But since we’ve been in our houses, this is my destination. This is where I go, this is where I go on vacation, mind breaks. And when I go to this place and I overindulge in it, it’s made me really sick. It’s made my perception of myself sick, it’s made my joy sick. And I don’t think I was putting myself first. So now I’m just doing little things.”

Lizzo led a similar Instagram meditation session in March, where she played the flute next to a bowl of crystals.

Watch SZA and Lizzo’s meditation session above.