R. Kelly's ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary has opened up about her abusive relationship with the disgraced singer in the past, and now she's making it clear she's not stopping until something is done about his alleged crimes. Clary has revealed that she will tell "everything" about her time with Kelly in a new YouTube series, while she's also called him out in a new freestyle she shared on Instagram.

"Everybody want to hear my peace/They say I'm using clout, they hate to see the baby eat," Clary raps in the video, which sees her address the situation she's found herself in. "It's so crazy because I swear, I'm not trying to compete/I guess my aura speaks volumes even in defeat/To all the women that be knocking me, you probably been hurt and never healed properly/It's gonna take more to get a reaction out of me/To all the n***as who say that I suck, probably the same six n***as beating bitches up/Bringing a strong woman down because you can't keep up."

While her freestyle doesn't directly take aim at R. Kelly, a recent video on her YouTube channel does. In an introductory video that she used to announce the series, she said that she had been going to therapy and that "a big part of healing is being able to talk." She added, "I'm going to tell you guys everything that I have experienced, everything that I have seen, everything that I have endured during these last five years."

She said that in sharing her story, she hopes to "bury this" so that she can move on with her life. She didn't indicate when she would start the series, but she said it could be anywhere between five to 100 videos long. "It just depends on how long it takes," she explained. Clary first met R. Kelly when she was 17, but she brought an end to their relationship last year.

R. Kelly is currently behind bars as he awaits trial. The singer recently requested to be released from jail due to coronavirus concerns, but Judge Ann M. Donnelly announced his request was denied. 

You can watch her "Flow pt. 2" freestyle above.