Refusing to let the global quarantine slow him down, French-Polynesian producer and multi-instrumentalist Pastel is back with his second isolation era single and third of the year, "Daylight". For this one he's teamed up with Philadelphia-based singer Ben Kessler and together they've created a stunning slice of neo-soul calmness. Combining gliding melodies, slick guitar funk and intricate drum patterns, Pastel's created the perfect sunny backing for Kessler's soaring and impossibly graceful vocals. 

"The process of creating 'Daylight' was actually pretty fast and the funny fact is, Ben and I made it the day we met," Pastel commented. "Ben was studying in London and we got in touch through a mutual friend from Nashville. It started more like a jam at the beginning — I was playing a few chords, Ben came up with the solos behind and then I found the guitar lead. We actually sang the song that day and finished the instrumental later in the week by adding some more layers and some choir vocals to lift the harmonies. It really was a case of spontaneity fueling creativity!"

Taken from Pastel's upcoming second EP Cereal, "Daylight" officially drops April 24.