After making his debut on the Chris Lake and Skrillex's HOWSLA in 2017 with "Lasers", L.A-based house music producer Noizu has amassed millions upon millions of streams and an impressive legion of loyal fans. He also made the wise decision to set up his own label, Techne, and it's through that platform that he'll release his outrageously joyous new single "Elevate" (due April 3).

Centred around a classic-sounding vocal sample calling for us to "elevate your love", this peak-time thumper gallops forward with a whipcrack drum line and a big, bouncy bassline. For those DJs preparing for the end of lockdown by bolstering their record bags, "Elevate" is an essential element.

Speaking with Complex via email, Noizu explained: "Excited to release this tune that's been in the works for a while. From playing the demo the clubs initially a few months ago with just the hook, I wrote out the rest of the lyrics and melody and we had the whole song re-sung and I love the final version. Can't wait to play it out in clubs one day but for now everyone can do with a little more love and enjoy it from home."

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