Following the continued success of "Big Drip," Fivio Foreign has unleashed his 800 B.C. project. 

Featuring seven tracks and the "Big Drip" remix with Lil Baby and Quavo, the project also includes an appearance from Meek Mill on "Demons & Goblins." Speaking with Complex about 800 B.C. earlier this month, Fivio said, "Me dropping this mixtape is gonna separate myself. I got a good sense of what I wanna hear."

Fivio said he will remain committed to the sound of Brooklyn drill and its skittering percussion. "Whatever I start living like and whatever I start going through in my life, that’s how I’m gonna be sounding,” he said. "It might sound a little different if I get more comfortable. It was pain and hunger. Now, it ain’t that. It ain’t no pain. But, you know, I try my best." 800 B.C. sees Fivio experimenting with more melodic sounds, but it's still Brooklyn drill through and through.

To coincide with the release of the project, he also dropped the video for the intro track "Drive By." Watch it below.