There’s something about the air in Croydon. Stepping foot in the loved South London borough—as a grime and UK rap fan, you automatically picture the greats that have come from there, the likes of Stormzy, Krept & Konan, the late Cadet. This part of the city, which is very much its own island, will go down in history for birthing some of the UK’s brightest stars, but it has now been adopted by a group of fresh music minds—from all across London—as they grow their mini music empire from the Finesse Foreva HQ. Under the FF umbrella, there are rappers, producers and executives, all with a collective desire to leave their mark on not just the British music industry, but the one Stateside too. And it’s already started to happen, with everyone from 22Gz to Drake requesting their services.

Rising entrepreneurs TK and SK co-founded Finesse Foreva with music producer JB MADEIT in 2018, and some of the first artists they helped build up were UK drillers Skengdo x AM, and S1, three rappers who have gone on to make their presence known underground while continuing to reach for the stars. Along with them comes a band of producers who have been blessing both the UK and Brooklyn drill scenes with future-facing soundscapes and whose dedication to the craft of production is inspiring. “We started Finesse Foreva because the industry was missing a company that had the best interests of the people that make the scene tick,” says TK. “We treat everyone as important, not just people with clout, which seems to be the new-age currency.” SK chimes in to add that they “just wanted to empower others and set an example that you don’t just have to be an artist—you can become a designer, an A&R scout, the head of marketing. There’s room for everyone to succeed.”

While some in the comment sections say that drill—which sprung to life in Chicago in the early 2010s before migrating to the UK in 2014 and becoming its own entity, inspiring other parts of the world in the process—is becoming repetitive, the six producers we meet in Croydon make it clear that what they’re doing, and about to do, is like nothing that’s been done before.

Get to know JB MADEIT, Ghosty, Gotcha, Adz Beats, Zimmz and AV after the jump.


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