Anuel AA has released the song “3 de Abril” (April 3rd) as a nostalgic remembrance of the first time he was arrested and went to jail in Puerto Rico on charges of gun possession in 2016.

The song follows the rapper's Thursday release, titled “Follow,” a collaboration between him and his partner Karol G. The couple recorded the song in Miami—and directed and produced the visual during quarantine, where we get a glimpse into the two artists’ home adventures.

Anuel recently made headlines after fans thought he made critical remarks about Bad Bunny’s latest video, “Yo Perrero Sola,” where the artist tackles toxic masculinity and gender norms while dressed in drag.

Anuel allegedly took to his Instagram Story to respond to Bad Bunny’s video, writing, “Son of a bitch Bad Bunny playing transformers," with a number of green nauseous emojis.

Bad Bunny fans immediately called Anuel homophobic. He later denied on Twitter that he had written that on his story, claiming it was edited: “Whoever is editing all this shit is a son of a bitch who has me trending. But no matter how much they try to ruin me, God keeps blessing me.”

He also took to Twitter, writing, “What the hell does my [Instagram] Story have to do with Bad Bunny. Calm down. Next time I'll make you a map and draw you a picture so you can understand the message.”