Kanye West's "Mercy" was a huge moment, and not just for him. The Cruel Summer single features an ass pun-filled verse from Big Sean, an expectedly hard-hitting contribution from Pusha-T, and a career defining appearance from 2 Chainz.

Complex named the verse 2 Chainz's best back in 2017, and the rapper appears to think it's up there among his finest moments. In recent post on his Instagram, 2 Chainz said that he delivered the best verse on the track. "No direspect but I kilt all dem boys," the rapper said on both Twitter and Instagram.

His appearance on the track is no doubt legendary, and this isn't the first time someone featured on "Mercy" has praised their own work.

Back in 2012, when the debate over who had the best verse reached its peak, Pusha-T said that he had the "most intricate lines" on the record. "I really feel like I had the more intricate lines in 'Mercy.' It was my rap thing. That was my style of rap," he said in an interview with Hot 97. He did, however, make sure to mention how people would "totally spaz" to 2 Chainz's verse.

And so the debate rages on.