UPDATED 3/11, 5:50 p.m. ET: DaBaby has denied claims that Tyronesha Laws is the woman he slapped at a show in Tampa, Florida during the weekend, TMZ reports. Although DaBaby admits that he did slap someone, he's reportedly confident that it wasn't Law.

Drew Findling, DaBaby's lawyers, told the outlet that multiple people have come forward alleging that they are the victim.

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Even though DaBaby issued an apology to the woman he slapped, she doesn’t believe it’s genuine.

Tyronesha Laws told TMZ that any regret the Charlotte rapper showed wasn’t real, especially after he posted a comedic skit that reenacts the incident on his Instagram Stories.

“He still makes a joke about it like yesterday—uploaded something on his page, in a clothing store,” she told the outlet. “I don’t feel like he was sincere with the apology. I was embarrassed. I got people calling me, writing me on Instagram with fake pages. People seeing me at my job, like saying oh you’re the girl that got slapped.”

DaBaby made the parody with Michael Blackson, where they poked fun at the incident.

DaBaby slapped Laws in the face on Saturday night in Tampa prior to a show. She contends that she wasn’t the person who put a camera flash in his face, which incited the incident. Laws now has a lawyer and says she was told by a doctor that she has a bruised cheekbone.

After the Kirk artist left the venue, he went on IG and alleged that the victim hit him in the face with her phone. He then said he’d give $10,000 to anyone who had a better view of the woman’s phone on his face. He also asked for her legal name so he could start building a case against her. At the time, he offered an apology and said he would’ve reacted in the same manner regardless of the person's gender.