With global politics seemingly only getting worse with each passing day and winter showing no signs of letting up, it can be easy to let your mental health get away from you — and that's assuming your own personal life is without issue. Derbyshire-born, London-based singer-songwriter Sophie Kilburn seems more aware of that than most as she follows up her debut single "Indigo Fever" with her second ever single "Broke".

Employing a driving, anthemic drum beat supplied by producer Jack Gourlay, Sophie details a particularly affecting tale of loss, grief and the long road towards finding yourself again. As she explains in more detail below, that journey can be long and painful, but essential nonetheless. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Sophie explains: "'Broke' is a light bulb moment. A realisation of how losing someone from your life can completely change your behaviour without you knowing. In crowds/social situations you are numb or overcompensate. It can make you distance yourself from all your relationships both romantic or platonic. It breaks you. You date people and take on their baggage to avoid addressing your own. The song is an outpour saying I'm not okay."

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