Threats of the coronavirus haven't stopped people from participating in violent crimes. This prompted Philadelphia native Meek Mill to take to Twitter where he spoke out against the violence happening in his hometown.

"The amount of animosity built up in my hood got the young bulls killing each other 200mph while a virus chasing their parents down to kill them too!" Meek tweeted. He followed this by tweeting out a report detailing how a gunman killed a 2-year-old boy, two teen girls, and two women during a party in North Philadelphia.

Meek went on to claim this behavior can be attributed to a "mindframe" that is taught to youth in his city. The rapper feels like kids are being "brainwashed" to accept this detrimental approach to life rather than trying to succeed in other avenues. 

"Somebody gotta identify what happened to our mindframe in certain cities! The hate level too high for blacks," Meek continued. "One day we gotta have the convo about the hood mindframe n#%gas being brainwashed to fail ... simple as- if you went to jail 5 times for selling dope try weed or a job 'switch it up' if you got shot on that corner twice 'it’s ya life' try a new area ... at least try to win! ... I’m speaking on my city.. I just know we smarter than that!" 

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