Although they are two of the show's building blocks, Master P and Romeo Miller explained why they've decided to step away from We TV's Growing Up Hip Hop

Romeo and Master P told the Breakfast Club that they are not doing the show because it's taking a direction that they don't feel comfortable going as a family. 

"I've been in this business for 19 years," Romeo said at the interview's 4 minute mark. "I'm at a place where it's all about my inner-peace. It's all about mental health and it's about growth. ... It's not about the money. I'm the highest-paid on the network. I had to walk away because I can't sell my soul for money. I can't sell my soul for a storyline. ... It's fake drama for no reason."

Romeo and Master P were able to step away from the show because they've built an empire that focuses on ownership. Later in the interview, Master P explained why people of color should have their sights set on owning and creating companies. He points to his Rap Snacks and Rap Noodles products as examples for creating wealth outside of music. 

"Since we look like us we think that we shouldn't do business with us," Master P said at the interview's 15:36 minute mark. "We have these great athletes but we don't own nothing outside of the basketball... We have to start thinking ownership."

"These products that we make we are able to give back," P continued. "Like with the Biggie product, this is going to his foundation. ... This is a way to show this culture, this generation how to be entrepreneurs."  


Sometimes you gotta just give it to em in B & W. Steve Jobs said, if you want to make everyone happy don’t be a leader, sell ice cream. Well what about @officialrapsnacks lol. But honestly, chasing YOUR dreams won’t be easy because everyone doesn’t have your vision and that’s ok. At my @keys2blackwealth event yesterday I spoke highly about education, because education is also a powerful factor in improving economic mobility. The more ways WE ALL know how to make more money, the better! The global potato chips market size was worth US$ 30 Billion in 2018 and it keeps growing. If we take only 5 percent of that business that’s 1.5B. Think outside of the box! Supply and demand! I just wanna be a guy to show kids that you don’t have to just be a rapper or a athlete to be successful and I wanna show the rappers and athletes that we could be more than just that. Shoutout to @askfly1 and my dad @masterp, we the Three Musketeers of the chip game! Next up: Rap Noodles and conquering and getting our place in another Billion dollar industry. -Romeo Miller #GenerationalWealth #Share

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