Vertigo, an earlier entry in the Lil Peep catalog, was released to all streaming platforms late Wednesday night.

In a statement, Lil Peep's estate explained to fans in a statement that the re-release of the EP boasted "the highest quality exports the world has ever heard" of these particular songs.

"This re-release of Vertigo features the highest quality exports the world has ever heard of these tracks—straight from the recording sessions that Gus worked on in his bedroom . . . This is the first of many re-releases of the works of the artist Gus Ahr—also known as Lil Peep. Enjoy," the estate said.

Three videos were also released alongside the John Mello-produced EP, including the Emma Harris and Peep-directed visual for "Drugz" featuring by Lil Skil, who's also the artist behind the cover art. The other two videos, "M.O.S. [battery full]" and "Come Around," were directed and edited by Jon Francois.

Below, stream Vertigo—also featuring the track "Shiver"—via Spotify:

Last month, the Peep estate collaborated with Rose in Good Faith for a limited merch collection benefiting Greenpeace.

Everybody's Everything, the critically acclaimed and undeniably moving documentary on Peep that had its world premiere at South by Southwest last March, is now available on Netflix. A compilation album of the same name consisting of 19 tracks, the original version of "I've Been Waiting" notably among them, was released in November.

As confirmed in the statement that accompanied this week's Vertigo drop, the Peep estate has plans for "many re-releases" from his catalog in the future. Among the key entries in the late artist's discography that are not officially available on streaming services is the fan-adored 2016 mixtape Hellboy, featuring the single 'Girls."