Trap pioneer Jeezy sat down with Charlamagne tha God in Hawkinsville, Georgia to discuss life, music, and his storied career. During their conversation, Jeezy discussed the survivor's guilt that many artists, including himself, feel after they make it out of their previous bad situations into stardom and the struggle it is to lift everyone up with them. "A lot of people I tried to put on or I wanted to see win, that ain't what they wanted," Jeezy said in the interview. "It cost me a lot, it cost me friendships. That shit can get to you bro." 

Charlamagne also brought up one of Jeezy's biggest critiques, that he doesn't put other artists on musically. "I've tried to put people on, but everybody that was a part of my first project, they on," Jeezy responded at around the 18:55 mark. "[DJ] Drama, he might beg to differ but that Gangsta Grillz wasn't in the hood till Young [Jeezy] was on that thing. Trap or Die was monumental." The pair went on to discuss how influential T.I was in Jeezy's career, as well as how committed Jeezy was to the paper chase early on in his career as he was beginning to make it.


Jeezy's last album, TM104, is also the last project that he would release while signed under Def Jam, something he announced this past summer on Sway in the Morning. You can listen to the full Jeezy x Charlamagne tha God interview above.