A new lawsuit brought forth by a pair of Memphis artists is claiming G-Eazy and Juicy J stole from them for the former's 2017 hit single "No Limit."

Those artists, DJ Squeeky and Gaylon Love, state that they were the owners of the track that was sampled for that hit, which they say was their 1993 song "Lookin 4 da Chewin." 

Though your legal opinion won't matter in this case, you can be the judge. First, here's G-Eazy:

And next DJ Squeeky: 

According to TMZ, Squeeky and Gaylon say G-Eazy was never granted permission to sample the track, which necessitated bringing forth the suit for copyright infringement.

The plaintiffs are seeking some of the profits for "No Limit," the lead single for G-Eazy's 2017 studio album The Beautiful & Damned. That song sold over 5 million copies, and a remix featuring French Montana, Belly, and Juicy J later came out.

The original "No Limit" also features ASAP Rocky and Cardi B, but TMZ adds that the pair's lawyer is going after G-Eazy because it's his song. That lawyer also added that Juicy J is named in the suit because he's from Memphis, and therefore he should have known about "Lookin 4 da Chewin." It's possible other names could be added to the suit in the future, but for now Juicy and G-Eazy are the only artists named. 

Earlier in the week Juicy and fellow Three 6 Mafia member DJ Paul were hit with separate (but very similar) lawsuits

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