Back in January, Mase said Diddy owned his publishing rights, which prompted 50 Cent to accuse Mase of doing the same with Fivio Foreign. Cigar Talk host Naji has said he was shown paperwork from Mase that shows he took "0% of Fivio Foreign's publishing rights," and now Fivio has clarified the situation in an interview with Paul Rosenberg on Hot 97.

At the 11:00 minute point of the interview, Fivio talks about signing with Mase after the release of "Blixky Inna Box" with Jay Dee and Dee Savv. "He was hip to the sound, to the Brooklyn drill sound... So he wanted to sign me, Jay Dee, Dee Savv," he explained. Shortly after Jay Dee got arrested, Fivio met with Mase and was almost immediately signed. Sometime before this, Jay Dee had signed with Mase, too. He admitted to Rosenberg that he "didn't think to look over the contract too much," citing his excitement at any label interest. 

"So it was a production deal... He don't own none of my publishing," he added. "I don't really know him and Dee's situation, or whatever." Fivio clarified that he's good with Mase, and he even gave a shout-out to Diddy, too. "That was the first situation that presented itself, I jumped on it. But then I went to Columbia [Records], like as my shit started getting more lit."

The situation between Mase and Diddy kicked off earlier this year after Diddy called out the Recording Academy for overlooking rap and R&B musicians in major categories. "Every year y'all be killing us man," he said. Mase responded to the speech to claim that Diddy had "purposely starved" the artists he signed to Bad Boy Records, him among them. When 50 Cent caught wind of this, he accused Mase of buying Fivio Foreign's publishing rights for an unfair price.