When it comes to the coronavirus, Doja Cat finds herself on the same wavelength as Elon Musk, which is to say she doesn't give a fuck about it. A sentence like that probably needs a lot of context, but this will have to do for now:

Striking a similar chord, Doja hopped on Instagram Live this weekend to share her thoughts on the virus' spread. Are her two cents as valid as a doctor's? Well, who's to say really. Not me.

“Bitch, I’m not scared of a coronavirus or the motherfucking beer version of that shit," she said according to Uproxx. "I’m gonna get corona and then I’m gonna get a Corona, ’cause I don’t give a fuck about corona, bitch. It’s a flu! I would literally… I’m not scared. Y’all are pussy, period. You just take some Mucinex and drink water and tea and sleep—that’s all you gotta do. Y’all are so scared of some damn corona. Y’all are so scared of corona that I need a Corona.” 


#dojacat ain’t scared of no damn corona virus .

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At last count COVID-19 (which is probably what the Corona shareholders would prefer you call it) has stricken nearly 110,000 people, and killed almost 4,000.  

This spread of death—or whatever less dramatic thing you want to call it—has led to a number of musical/entertainment events being pushed back or outright canceled. Notably SXSW was called off, as was the Ultra Music festival. And James Bond's newest movie was delayed for seven months, among several other drastic (and potentially drastic) reactions.