UPDATED March 23, 5:35 p.m. ET: After The Breakfast Club schooled Casanova on the coronavirus, he went on Instagram and apologized.

"Everybody “WE INSIDE” and I’m gonna drive y’all crazy on Instagram cause I hate being inside," he wrote.

See original story from 3/22/2020 below.

The coronavirus has the government urging people to stay in their homes unless they need to engage in essential travel/business. Casanova ruffled some feathers when he seemingly ignored these warnings to be outside with his associates. Yet now the rapper is revealing the real reason he wasn't at home social distancing.  

On Sunday, Casanova took to Instagram where he posted a video of himself in his South Hamptons home.

"About four thousand to cut this grass," Casanova said while standing on his deck. "As long as this grass needs cutting, as long as I got to pay child supports, as long as I got to pay lawyer fees, I'm the fuck outside. I'm not violating corona. ... I'm working. I'm busy."

On Saturday, fans started to attack Casanova, accusing him of ignoring public health after he posted a video to social media of him standing outside in New York City to reportedly shoot a video.

"We all test positive for corona," Casanova said. "We don't give a fuck. We outside. We don't give a fuck."

Casanova felt that conducting business was necessary for his career, even if that means ignoring the practice of social distancing.