Halifax hip-hop stalwart Classified just dropped the video for his new single "Rap Sh*t," featuring Ottawa's Dax and BC's Snak the Ripper. 

Directed by Mike Boyd, the video finds Classified climbing into the steel guts of an underpass in Enfield, Nova Scotia, where he proceeds to spit self-aware bars skewering rap tropes. Later in the video, Dax, who is one of Complex Canada's "20 Canadian Artists to Watch Out For in 2020," hops on the track from an L.A. parking garage, while Snak the Ripper joins in from "The Dirt" (which may or may not be New Westminster, BC).

"I wanted to take this one back to where it all started," Classified told us. "When I was 15 and started rapping, we used to shoot homemade videos and there is only one place in Enfield that doesn't look like an old country town... the train bridge. This is where you smoked your first joint, drank your first beer, and brought your first girlfriend. We tried shooting videos here when I was a kid and wanted to take it back to the same place. Then we got Dax to shoot where he's at and Snak shot in his hometown and then my brother put all the footage together and tripped it out!"

Peep the "Rap Sh*t" video above.

The track is the first single from Classified's forthcoming EP Pick Your Poison, out April 10 via Half Life Records/Universal Music Canada.