Tory Lanez announced via Twitter Monday that he will be dropping New Toronto 3 next month, subsequently bringing his deal with Interscope to an end. 

Lanez claims his commitment to Interscope was five albums, a total that he surpassed long ago if you include his mixtapes, which feature some of his own original music. 

While Lanez maintains there is "no bad blood" between himself and his label, that didn't appear to be the case a few months ago. In December, the 27-year-old threatened to "expose" Interscope following the release of the newest addition to the Chixtape series, a project that was losing him money due to the cost of clearing samples.

"We actually didn’t do this from a monetary standpoint, we did this from a standpoint of like, I'm losing money doing the album but what is gonna come out of it? Of course it's gonna be incredible," Tory said in an interview with HOT 97. "I feel like it's damn near at a place where it's gonna be critically acclaimed because no one ever did it before." 

Lanez admits that he was essentially coasting when making music these last four years. It wasn't until he grew concerned that people would actually think he was "super trash" that he applied himself a little further. When Tory kicked it into gear by "at least 60 percent," the result was a stellar project, like Chixtape 5.      

It's an encouraging sign for Tory's future.